About the Edgewater Community Council

About the Edgewater Community Council
For over fifty years, the Edgewater Community Council (ECC) has brought block clubs, the business community, elected officials, faith-based organizations, community groups, and our fellow neighbors together to improve and advance the quality of life in Edgewater.

Dedicated Volunteers
Neighbors, businesses, schools and churches are Edgewater – they are the source of past and future successes of the Edgewater Community Council. ECC volunteers join together to benefit our entire unique, diverse and vibrant community.

Experienced Community Advocate
ECC provides the leadership on the issues that impact the quality of the Edgewater experience, and works to ensure Edgewater residents have a strong and unified voice on taxes, development, education and safety in our community.

Quality Community Services
Be it safety, housing, transportation, youth outreach, recreation and culture, senior issues, environmental education, or beautification, ECC facilitates key services that enhance the day-to-day living experience in Edgewater.

Community Hub for Information, Input, Action and Results
From community information forums for sharing ideas and offering important information on matters concerning the area, to timely and reliable publication of activities events in our community, ECC connects the neighborhoods of Edgewater.